What’s a Social Customer Expert? An Introduction


In this new blog we will talk about the guidelines to be followed by a Community Manager  specializing in Social Customer Service. I used to work for the aviation sector, with almost 23 years experience as a Customer Service on major airlines, in fact that sector was first to realise about the importance of caring customers to consolidate their brand image and also to engage their passengers. Not surprisingly airlines created cards to earn miles or points well before banks, phone companies or supermarkets. Likewise they were first to establish a compensation for those customers dissatisfied with the quality of service received.

The revolution brought about by the rapid incorporation of Social Media in our lives has led to greater power by customers to make their voices heard by their goods and services suppliers publicly and immediately on the web, where their positive or negative comments about these companies can result in a dramatic change in their perception by hundreds, thousands and even millions of consumers, affecting for good or bad brand images that have taken a long time to be created and consolidated. Hence the growing importance for corporations to have Community Managers with a long experience in Customer Service in order to convince customers through persuasion, empathy, diplomacy and “savoir faire” and assess when and how to compensate them to avoid a negative perception of the brand to be spread as well as having an invaluable channel to feel the pulse of market and internally adapt to the demands of it.

The task to be followed by a Social Customer Expert is also to turn off small “fires”, before the “flammability” of social networks could cause a serious damage with the brand perception. On the other hand, by rewarding the engagement of fans and other satisfied customers, WOM constitutes an asset of great value. Finally and like all Community Managers, He/She must conduct social marketing actions to improve and strengthen the brand image.

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