The Importance of a Quick Response to Customers


Hi, friends of Premium Social Customer! I’m always delighted to welcome you to my blog!

On Thursday afternoon two weeks ago I couldn’t find in any shop any parts of the model I use of a much needed product for the daily care of men image. It was the third time that the perfumery where I use to buy them had told me that since the brand had produced a defective batch, the manufacturer decided to withdraw them temporarily from the market and therefore I had to wait for new merchandise in good shape to be brought. Then I decided to try my luck in a well-known German drugstore without success, so I checked the Facebook page in Spain of the multinational that manufactures and markets the product, and I explained in a post my problem and waited to have a reply in a reasonable period of time. That happened on a Thursday at 8:00 PM or so and I finally had a response from the brand on Monday at 1:30 PM. That Monday morning I had already found the parts and purchased them at another store. The response they gave me on Facebook was that there were no problems in the supply and that I should ask the store where I use to buy their products the reason why they did not have them and that for any more questions I should get in touch with their Toll Free Customer Service phone number.Analyzing what happened, we see that the response given by the company in terms of its content is correct:

1.      I am informed that there is no supply problem.
2.      They suggested that the problem may be in the store where I usually buy the product and told me to insist with that shop (Showing respect to their distribution network and avoiding to ask me to go to an alternative POS)
3.      They facilitated me a Toll Free Customer Care number (This is very important specially for an upset customer) to get my feedback on aspects that may be interesting for them to know (eg : a way of double-checking the supply of the stores in the district where i live) or where they can give me an alternative solution if the problem persists and therefore my anger as a loyal customer to the brand grows.

On the other hand, the failure by the Community Manager is that he/she has not taken into account some characteristics that Social Media Customers expect from a brand, such as:

1.      The customer wants a quick response, maximum 24 hours in the case of Facebook.
2.      When the client gets in touch with a brand through social networks is because he/she prefers to use this communication channel. I must say that on their Facebook page next to the logo there was information about the Customer Service phone number but the consumer should have the right to get in touch through Social Media only. Do not forget that the growing trend is that social networks are becoming more and more popular for users to express their comments about brands.

Finally, I thanked and informed them that the problem was already solved. This is an interesting case of a good but not optimal Social Customer Service management.

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