Customer Service and Work Environment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello again, Premium Social Customer’s friends. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to my blog! Customer Service online and offline requires that the people dedicated to that role feel comfortable and supported both by their management and by their colleagues from other departments. In my point of view there are some basic requirements:

Whenever possible, it is highly recommended that staff serving customers over the phone is not engaged to do it also in a front desk because this generates stress on these agents and on those occasions where they must assist both type of clients simultaneously, Customer Service offered risks to be far from excellent. Regarding Community Managers, they shouldn’t be dealing with face to face and/or phone assistance unless they deal with very few calls or counter customers. In medium or large size companies these functions must necessarily be made in different departments to ensure staff specialization and to allow CMs to dedicate enough time to Social Media Marketing. On the other hand, each client deserves full attention and concentration by the person he/she speaks to. Any mistake can have serious consequences, never forget that the good image of the company is at stake. Remember : Customer Service agents are the brand ambassadors in the eyes of clients.

Offline and/or Online Customer Service Agents need, as we said, all the support from the rest of staff. When he/she requires information, clarification or any type of service, he/she acts as an intermediary and needs the same clear explanations, friendliness and speed as if the request was formulated to people in those departments directly by customers. It is essential to create the mindset inside organizations that we are all “internal customers” from each other and at the same time, that clients are those who provide the livelihood for everybody, hence the importance of supporting those who deal directly with them in their effort to achieve their brand satisfaction and engagement.

Last but not least, I’ll talk about the attitude of the person who deals on behalf of the brand with customers. He/She always has to be kind, efficient, honest, diplomatic, discrete, communicate with empathy, clearly and being able to convey positivity and excitement. Community Managers as brand ambassadors have to solve quickly any concern raised by clients in order to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. They have to defend the client point of view within the company and transmit the best image of it to customers in order to create engagement, because it is even more important and profitable to keep loyal customers than searching for new ones. The WOM of those who speak well of the brand generates a multiplier effect that allows it to obtain more customers. It is very important that the person performing these functions has the above mentioned qualities plus additional training when needed and it’s also basic to preserve internal harmony in the company to facilitate his/her duty.

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