Keys to Obtaining and Measuring Engagement

Mariage à la mode William Hogarth

The job of a Community Manager aims to achieve brand engagement and an always growing community. To obtain this you need to consider some issues that are essential in this era of Communication 3.0 :

1. Be results-oriented : It is not enough to communicate with the client on the web and Social Networks but we must always keep in mind that we are there to reach our goal, which is achieving their support and loyalty to our brand.

2. The way to obtain engagement : We need to listen to customers through offline and online channels. When we talk about Social Networks, which is the topic at hand, we need to establish a relationship of trust and build a good relationship with them. We must communicate with them by sharing positive experiences and be receptive to new ideas, answer their questions, solve their problems. It is our role to facilitate the creation of online communities in social networks around our brand and/or product.

3.- It is a symbiotic relationship : Mutual respect should prevail. It is a relationship of interdependence. We must listen to our customers in order to improve our products, this leads to loyal customers and at the same time allows us to know the products they exactly need and want so they’ll recommend us and attract more customers to our brand.

4. Loyalty at all times and using all means : Take every moment and opportunity to do so before the competition does. Use online and offline channels.

5. Customer orientation : In the online world they decide when and how they communicate with us. It is the Community Manager function to make available to customers those online tools to make this communication fluid and satisfactory for both parties. We must give them the opportunity to ask, suggest and participate. We must also inform them about the origin and the manufacturing process of our products. This will make them feel that the company cares about them and that they are important to us, which will result in facilitating their loyalty. It is also increasingly important to preserve the image of a socially responsible company.

On the other hand, it is necessary for the Community Manager to measure customer engagement. We must use mathematics to quantify this fidelity. I want to share with you on this post two useful ratios to measure engagement in any period of time on Twitter and Facebook :

ERTw = {(Nbr of Retweets + Number of Mentions) / Active Followers} x 100

ERFb = {(Nbr of Comments + Number of Likes + Shared Posts) / Active Fans } x 100

Where ERFb is engagement rate for Facebook and ERTw is the same for Twitter. Thus we have a way to measure the ROI of the engagement to our brand which is a consequence of our actions in these Social Networks, as well as that of our competitors and carry out the appropriate actions to improve it.

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