Customer Service in Japan Applied to Social Networks

It’s a pleasure to welcome you back!Ukiyo-e

Travelling gives people like me who feel passion for Customer Service, the opportunity to see and evaluate how customers are treated in other countries and cultures. The cold and sometime cranky attitude in Central and Eastern Europe despite the progress being made to improve it, the warmth and receptivity in the Caribbean or the extreme customisation in the United States (where sometimes when you order a simple beefsteak, the waiter recites a litany of frying levels, garrisons and finally types of sauces) However, in some asian countries is where European travelers are shocked in a positive sense due to their careful service and attention to detail and that’s just what makes the difference so clients feel more than welcome and enthusiastic for the service received. One of these countries is Thailand, another one is Mauritius which is not located in Asia but the high percentage of Asian population allows us to include it in that culture. The treatment given to guests at their fantastic spa hotels, always with smiles and all kinds of details that turn the visit into an unforgettable experience

Perhaps the most interesting example, not being primarily a tourism-oriented country is however, Japan. In a country so densely populated, treatment to visitors is basically no different (except in the linguistic aspect which will be discussed below) from that received daily by Japanese as users and clients of the various services. Anecdotes like the fact that ticket inspectors in trains bow when they enter each car, or like the white gloves used by taxi drivers in which vehicles passenger doors open automatically, or like the always present uniformed information personnel beside turnstiles at train and subway stations, or the impeccably clean toilets with no missing toilet paper and liquid soap even at underground stations, leads us to compare unfavorably the service received in similar circumstances in the Western countries. One detail that I find equally worthy of emulation is the presence at the entrance door of banks of uniformed employees who greet each customer that gets into the office, indicating him or her the right counter to go and be assisted. Obviously, when they see a tourist their first question is: “Change? Change? “And they tell you to the counter number for the clerk that deals with foreign currency exchange. The generally low English level is compensated with a huge wish to help and courtesy. At Tokyo’s Metro each station is announced in English in addition to Japanese. It makes you feel a little ashamed of the treatment that they sometimes get them when they travel to Western Countries.

We have so much to learn from Japanese and other cultures in the Customer Service level we provide daily both offline and online. For engagement through Social Networks we have to treat our customers “white glove”, always give an efficient and friendly welcome to their demands, inform, be quick, courteous, think each of the sentences we write to avoid not being well interpreted, pay attention to details that lead them to enthusiasm for our product, our service, our brand and do every effort to serve them in the language they use when they come to us and have English-speaking staff as well as those languages of the countries our brand deals with. We should never forget that in the era of Communication 2.0 any small local business can become with the help of internet and social networks in a large global enterprise. 

2 thoughts on “Customer Service in Japan Applied to Social Networks

  1. EzyInsights

    I liked your article and the point of view related to it, considering that after all social media is about humans interacting through a social network, so naturally courtesy, attitude and treatment matter, in order to feel more welcome, relaxed, trustful and have a happy experience with the brand. Thanks it was a good article with a great example!

    1. alfredogr2013 Post author

      Thank you very much for your comments EzyInsights! I really appreciate your opinion! As you well say, the most important aspects in social media communication have to do with humans and our attitudes towards customers. That’s relationship marketing so important to obtain customer engagement in this web 2.0 era when it is not enough to manage social networks in the traditional 1.0 promotional marketing only way.

      Thank you again and Best regards! 🙂


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