10 Keys for Personalisation in Social Customer Service

Nice to see you again, Premium Social Customer’s followers!Your Name

Getting loyal customers to our product and our brand in a market where there is fierce competition is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly in times of crisis. That’s the reason why the concept of Personalisation is becoming essential. The customer has to feel that he/she is important for the brand and since in this Social Media Era a positive or a negative opinion spreads like an oil slick across the network quickly influencing our image in any sense, we have to manage in a very commercial and creative way that Personalisation.

I will enumerate several keys to be followed to ensure that clients receive the personalised service that can even surprise and make him/her a loyal brand follower and even recommend it to other potential customers:

1.-Let’s call the customer by his/her name:

It is perhaps more important in a social network that in offline Customer Service. When you call the customer by name, that makes him/her feel important. At that moment he/she has the perception of being A PREMIUM CLIENT.

2.-We must thank them for their participation:

At the same time we must thank them for their participation even when the comment is negative. It’s always a feedback that will allow us to improve, which is what the customer intended because basically he/she wants to continue being our client, otherwise he/she wouldn’t have even bother to let us know his/her opinion.

3.-Personalise by using the Community Manager’s name: It’s important that the client feel cared for by someone with a name and not just by someone who speaks on behalf of the brand without knowing who he/she is. This humanises the relationship.

4.-Right selection and proper training for CMs:

They must share the same values that the brand wants to reflect and have the attitudes and skills to communicate properly. They must know how to behave and have the internal support needed to face everyday situations and contingencies.

5.-Existence of offline communication channels:

If you need to continue the conversation on the phone, you must provide your online customer that communication channel, it must also be no cost for the client and allow him/her to keep communicating offline with the same person that has been assisting him in the social network.

6.-Allow other online followers interaction:

Do not intervene if the advice is correct. In this era of Communication 3.0, the client sometimes relies better an independent opinion of other customers than that of the brand itself. Intervene to correct any inappropiate comment when necessary but always courteously and complementing the information. In every case, thank third party interventions.

7.-Avoid overdo the brand promotion:

For instance with excessive mailing, tweets or posts that may lead them to stop following you.

8.-Help them in their online buying experience:

Assist, advise, have a Q & A on the website to answer the questions of each product, prices and if further clarification needed, make it easy for them to contact you through the Social Networks or other online and offline channels. If necessary assume a role linked to the product (eg: A man who uses a feminine identity as a Community Manager ir order to assist clients of products aimed at women) On the other hand, the brand must have a website also adapted to mobile and tablets.

9.-Create a performant Social CRM database:

By getting information from the web or directly from the client, tactfully and without making him/her feel overwhelmed. This will help us to succeed in meeting the specific needs of each client.

10.-Make a good Diversity Management:

The clients should not feel discriminated against in any way but at the same time we must meet their specific needs. There are niche markets by sex, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc. and they greatly appreciate that we offer those products and care they expect for their specific condition. Many times you get this information from the photos and profiles description in Social Networks and this can help us to make a good segmentation.

All these tips will make it easier for us to achieve the loyalty and engagement of our customers in Social Media.

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