8 Steps for Effective Customer Service on Facebook


Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over one billion users worldwide. That’s the reason why it is the one most companies nowadays prefer to use to communicate with their customers. Consequently there is a growing need for community managers able to manage the increasing number of people who choose to contact brands through Facebook and it cannot be neglected in their online marketing strategy.

I will explain in this article 8 Steps for Effective Customer Service on Facebook :

1. – Respond individually to each post :

Never use “copy-paste” messages. The answer needs to be personalised with name of sender and receiver.

2. – Correction and Diplomacy :

When we write to respond to questions or complaints, we must always be cautious and correct (a message can sometimes be interpreted in different ways)

3. – Reply to messages quickly :

The maximum recommended for Facebook is 24 hours. Otherwise, the client may feel ignored.

4. – Use always the same channel if possible, Facebook in this case :

When a customer wishes to contact us through Facebook, it is because he/she expects a response through the same channel. Only in those cases where for any reason it could be unavoidable to continue communication by phone or mail, you must use them. It is important however, that the customer is handled by the same person from start to finish. That’s why Community Managers need to have some training in offline Customer Service.

5. – Create and include attention-grabbing content :

Talk about various topics who could be interesting to your Facebook fans related to the brand and products including reviews, pictures, videos, etc. It is interesting to observe and measure their responses (comments and likes) so you know what kind of content are the most attractive to them in order to keep including these topics in the future.

6. – Ask questions :

The inputs we receive through our fans and other users through our Facebook page are an invaluable feedback that allow us to know what they expect from our brand or products, so asking them questions is a way to obtain a little more of that information.

7 – Get in conversation with customers / fans :

Create conversation topics and participate in those started by customers / fans. Intervene to encourage and moderate the discussions.

8. – Use a tool to help us manage the account when there are large volume of users :

Some of the most used are: Hootsuite, Get Satisfaction, Parature, UserEcho and Assistly. They all deserve an explanation but in that case this post would be too long and anyway the best way to determine the usefulness of each of them is going into their websites and find out if you like them for your daily work.

If you follow all these steps together with other good marketing strategies online and offline, you will be closer to get the loyalty and engagement of your fans and customers to your brand.

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