You Get What You Pay For in Social Customer Service

You Get What You Pay For in Social Customer ServiceNice to see you again, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

At a time of deep economic crisis, most companies are forced to adopt cost cutting measures. These affect too frequently Customer Service, which many managers still see as a function that can be performed by untrained and not sufficiently motivated low-cost staff. So, in an effort to spend less financial resources, service is provided by people in a working environment that doesn’t promote productivity, effectiveness or efficiency. Employees don’t fell identified with the company they work for and consequently Customer Service level becomes affected. This certainly has a negative influence on the image projected by the brand and in the Social Media Era with its high virality, any malfunction becomes quickly evident for all its customers and followers.

All of the above also applies to Community Managers. The management of a brand cannot be left in the hands of people without motivation, training, customer-oriented attitude and communication skills needed to successfully overcome any crisis on Social Networks. We see with amazement that many jobs in this sector are aimed at extremely young people without any work or life experience, without the “savoir être” or the “savoir faire” required to successfully carry out such a delicate task. Sometimes, employers ask for technical knowledges but they do not mention the most important aspect: the art of communicating properly with their Social Network users. It is very usual to see big brands badly managed regarding response times and interaction manners with their users on Social Media pages and accounts. In this sense, Customer Service experts have a lot to offer to this relatively new profession. On this blog there are several posts already published that speak about the importance of an excellent Social Customer Service level. Only those managers who realise the great added value that this represents and devote the necessary human and physical capital resources to it will succeed in making their brands become leaders in Social Media engagement, because you get what you pay for in Social Customer Service.

7 thoughts on “You Get What You Pay For in Social Customer Service

  1. Claudia Dieterle

    Nice to read from you again, Alfredo. A very good article. You are correct whether it is in customer service or as a community manager or in social networks it is a big advantage to have experience. There are simply things you cannot know as a beginner or learn in school, university or by attending a course, but which you get to know by making experiences and learning from them.

    1. @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Thanks for your comment Claudia. You’re completely right! There are 2 words in French: “savoir être” and “savoir faire”, qualities that you can only obtain with a long experience dealing with customers and Customer Service is what Community Mgmt is all about (as well as promotional marketing) so beginners or too young people should not be managing sthg as important for a brand as their SM accounts, unless they’re properly and closely supervised by a SM Mgr and too frequently that’s not the case…

  2. angelesgtrrez

    I think as Claudia about the quality of the article. Very nice. Nowadays we think that everyone has to be motivated just because he/she has been offered a job. But in Customer Service, as you say, is very important that people is really motivated. And I also agree with Claudia about the experience of people. Experimented people in Customer Service is necessary.
    Regards Alfredo 🙂

    1. @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hi Ángeles!

      Thank you very much for your comment! As you well say, companies need to care for their internal customers so they’ll be motivated enough to give an excellent service to external customers. On the other hand only expert Customer Service agents have developed those qualities that allow brands to offer their clients a remarkable customer experience.

      Thanks again & Brgds! 🙂


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