Social Customer Service vs Generic Brands

Social Customer Service vs Generic Brands

It’s a pleasure for me having you as a guest on my blog!

The reduced purchasing power of many consumers as a result of the crisis has led to a surge in sales of generic brands at the expense of top brands. It is very easy to forget our loyalty as consumers when supermarkets offer similar quality products that we can buy for even less than half the price, particularly when there’s no much spare money in our pockets.

Top brands have a great ally in the promotion through social networks in their fight against the above mentioned disadvantage. These are very low cost communication channels compared to more traditional ones and at the same time they have the ability to achieve the engagement of users and turn them into loyal customers through excellence in Social Customer Service. It is in this sense that they can make a difference to generic brands, because when consumers know that they can trust a service that helps them as they deserve with any problem or concern that may arise related to a product, they will have a greater propensity to pay more for that added value. This is why top brands need to:

1.-Promote that channel through their own social networks, websites and also offline through more traditional channels such as TV or print ads.

2.-Have a bold presence on those social networks that can best reach their target audience.

3.-Have interactive and engaging fanpages. Make promotions and contests to keep alive their interest to follow them actively.

4.-Have a team of professionals trained in Community Management with customer-oriented attitude and skills. Experience in offline Customer Care is always a plus when it comes to providing a good level of Social Customer Service.

5.-Give tools that allow their Community Managers to solve critical situations and satisfy customers. Nothing generates so much engagement as giving clients more than they expect and treating them in a personalised way.

4 thoughts on “Social Customer Service vs Generic Brands

  1. angelesgtrrez

    Hi Alfredo! It’s true, I think that a lot of brands are not enough in Social Media. They open accounts but don’t work them enough with the help of Community Managers. If they would be more interactive in Social Media investing a little budget to create contests just to give consumer a little bit more tan expected…they wouldn’t go so easily to the supermarket where the same product is offered for less… Nice post!
    Un abrazo 🙂

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hi Ángeles!

      Thanks for your comment! We both agree, top brands need to sell more than just the product but also an excellent customer service both online and offline. And when we talk about Social Media, professional Community Managers are fundamental to offer that high service level to turn customers into fans, something really important for top brands which desperately need to compete with low cost generic brands.

      Thanks again & Best Regards! 🙂


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