Why is it Important to be Thankful on Social Networks?

Why is it Important to be Thankful on Social Networks?Welcome again to my blog, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

Being thankful is essential in human relationships and it is also key on Social Networks. I thing it’s important to thank someone who shares my blog on his/her paper.li, or RT one of my tweets, or follows me on the blog, or shares one of my posts on any social network. Sometimes, when I share articles by other authors on any of my accounts, I inform them about that. It’s a way of thanking them for their content and also of letting them know that they will get more visitors to their respective blogs. Well, I’ve found that in some occasions I don’t receive any feedback from them in the form of a comment, not even a “Like” on Facebook,“+1” on Google Plus or “favorite” on Twitter. Luckily, I have fans that make my pages interactive and of course I also participate on other people pages. I think that in such a highly competitive world only through these kind of gestures and cooperation we can make it more human. When we help each other we have real Attitude 3.0

And What Happens If We Talk About Brands?

With brands it’s just the same. More and more consumers are nowadays aware of many viral negative news about companies and they know that as buyers and users of social networks they have the power of helping to change those behaviors that they perceive as inadequate. Enterprises 3.0 work with the ‘Three P’: Planet, People and Profit. This means that production processes need to have at least some respect for environmental values and working conditions that society establishes as basic, otherwise consumers will stop buying their products and following them on Social Media. There is even an active minority of combative and committed people who can damage their image so much, that it would be very difficult to repair that harm, at least for a long time. Consequently, Community Managers have to “pave the way” for any contingency and must cultivate relationships with users on pages at various social networks and constantly thank, using phrases and words in that sense. It’s a way to help creating a “safety net” with a group of loyal fans that will always be useful in case of possible Social Media crisis. In conclusion I recommend you to always be grateful, it costs no money and instead it can help you to win it.

10 thoughts on “Why is it Important to be Thankful on Social Networks?

  1. Claudia Dieterle

    Hello Alfredo,
    as you know, I am a fan of your posts in English and Spanish. I fully agree with you, saying thank you is very important in social networks. In live a good behaviour is important, in the web the so called netiquette. As bad news travel faster than good news, everybody should pay attention to what is written in social networks and react in an appropriate way.
    Best regards,

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hello Claudia!

      First of all THANK YOU for your support to my content in both languages, I really, really appreciate it!

      We both agree on how important is to be thankful to all those people who help us both in offline life and also online. And as you well say, we as individuals and brands even more need to be very careful with communication on Social Media. That’s why only customer-oriented CMs with self control, empathy, humility and friendliness should manage Social Network accounts.

      Thank you again & Brgds 🙂


  2. Giraldo : De Todo un Poco

    My dear Fellow Alfredo .
    I have to tell you something , today I had a very good experience with Bayer AG , because I RT a very good pic with some info, and you know , for me was very grateful that : First , they start to follow me on Twitter, and second they favorited My Tweet , when I said “Thanks for follow me…”
    Honestly I felt so glad , because the CM was very thoughtful with only couple things , that make me feel good like a external customer.
    One more time, If a Big Organizations like Bayer AG, have this kind of behaviors with us, of course I will recommend their products, or they links with very good info,that I am sure that they have.
    Stay Warm
    Juan Carlos

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hi dear Juan Carlos!

      Thanks for commenting my post! Being thankful is an excellent way of getting new fans and Bayer AG’s CM has behaved the right way since you were positively surprised by his/her attitude. That’s the path to be followed by brands if they want to engage customers and make them become fans as in the case you explain.

      Thanks again for your support & Brgds! 🙂


  3. Vanesa Adell

    I completely agree with you Alfredo… But I’ve also to recognize that I don’t always thanks people who share my content… I need to change, I know… I will try since today! =) A good English post

  4. angelesgtrrez

    Hi Alfredo! Again a very nice post! I totally agree with you and with Juan Carlos: customers are very glad to read nice words from a brand and that motivate to share more content about the brand. I think it is very nice when someone thanks me just because I’ve share good content, it doesn’t matter if it’s a brand or note. That’s why I try to thank always. I’m very grateful and like people to be so too.
    Have a nice night!
    Regards, Angeles

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hi Ángeles! 🙂

      Thank you very much for your kind comment! I know that you’re very thankful and you always personalise your “Thank you messages” with the name of those who share your posts. You’re a good example to be followed in this sense.

      Best regards 🙂



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