Why Community Managers Need to Offer Excellent Customer Service?

Why Community Managers Need to Offer Excellent Customer ServiceWelcome again, Premium Social Customer’s friends!

Customer Service in today’s changing and competitive world is becoming an increasingly powerful tool that strengthens differentiation for those brands that realise how crucial it is to invest resources and efforts in the selection and training of customer-oriented staff for both online and offline positions. In times of economic crisis, only those companies that offer an excellent CS level, segmenting, personalising and making a proper diversity management will prevail in the struggle to maintain and increase their customer engagement and as a result of this, obtain a better economic turnover.

The idea that every week I try to convey through this blog is that Community Managers must not only think in terms of promotional marketing, or become geeks who schedule by using the different tools their posts in the various Social Networks but without interacting and humanising their brands presence on them, or being only obsessed with monitoring the competition and their own KPIs without seeking the reasons why things go wrong. Yes, we do need to devote time to the above mentioned subjects, which are very important but what it is even more fundamental is to offer an excellent Social Customer Service to become the customer voice for the brand and the brand voice for customers. We must assist them in the response times required by the current market, highly active on Social Networks, with increasing presence and use of mobile terminals and respecting at the same time the good manners, enthusiasm and personalisation who have always been key success factors in traditional telephone and “face to face” Customer Service. The CS veterans realise that the newcomer Community Management is part of a larger whole, which is the overall satisfaction of customers across all channels through which we are pleased to be in contact with them, both online and offline. In my point of view, a good training and/or experience in offline Customer Service is an important asset for Community Managers because it facilitates the adoption of attitudes oriented to achieve excellence in Social Customer Service.

6 thoughts on “Why Community Managers Need to Offer Excellent Customer Service?

  1. Claudia Dieterle

    I completely agree with you Alfredo, an excellent customer service is the best you can do to keep existing and get new customers. A quick response time is a must. Customer service has to be personal, I hate to receive mails with a signature “your customer service” and not knowing who is responsible and could be contacted.

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Thanks for your comment Claudia! Yes, you have mentioned 3 important aspects of customer service either online or offline:

      1.-Personalisation in the sense of knowing who is handling you as a customer.
      2.-How and when to contact back that agent if needed.
      3.-Quick and accurate response from the brand.

      Community Management is not only promotional mktng but it needs to be relational in this era of bidirectional communication and this is sthg that brands need to enhance every day.

      Best regards 🙂

  2. ZulimaMoncada

    Hi Alfredo, good post as always.
    I would highlight the importance of being the voice of the customer un frontera of the brand. Something that, sadly not many companies take into account un Spain today.

    1. Alfredo Giorgi Ruiz @ALFREGIORGIRUIZ Post author

      Hi Zulima,

      Thanks for your comment. As you mention, a Community Manager has to be the client voice within the brand. Social Networks are an excellent way for companies to know about their customer preferences and adapt to them, There’s still a long way to run in that sense for many brands, as you well say.

      Best Regards 🙂


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